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Class  Descriptions

Encore Dance Academy values diversity and versatility of dance training.  The system of dance training is delivered in a progression for each age group (see below); Level I (Beginning), Level II (Intermediate) and Level III (Advanced). 


Upon enrollment at the studio, all students are assigned an appropriate placement, or technique level, in the dance techniques for which they are enrolled. Students advance in level by meeting established and documented standards during the course of their training and through faculty placement at the end of each year. 

Age Groups:

Mini - ages 3/4 and 5/6

Primary - ages 7-9

Junior - ages 10-12

Teen & Senior - ages 13-18

Adult - ages 18+


This class, for boys only taught by our male instructor, will focus on dance fundamentals using ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop techniques. Students will learn basic body positions, shapes, rhythms, and musicality used in all forms of dance. The class will utilize fun music and will engage young men in the athletic side of dance training.


This class is a combination of techniques that may include ballet, tap, jazz, or acro dance techniques.  The class inspires creativity and teaches movement fundamentals.  Students will develop musicality, coordination, strength, flexibility, rhythm, and body awareness gaining the benefits of self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. This class is a wonderful introduction to basic classroom structure in a fun and nurturing environment.  


The training in ballet emphasizes strong classical technique.  Dancers will experience technical styles including Balanchine, Royal Academy of Dance, Vaganova, Cecchetti, and Bournonville.  This varied and eclectic base, coupled with an athleticism that suggests a sense of energy, freedom, and joy helps develop dancers who are versatile. *Ballet is required of all Encore Dance Company members.


Pre-pointe and pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet training. Pre-pointe will include exercises in demi pointe to strengthen calf muscles, ankles, and arches of the feet. Classes will also focus on proper alignment, ankle strength, and correct distribution of body weight. For pointe, classes will include barre exercises, center work, and across the floor combinations. *All pre-pointe and pointe classes require ballet as a co-requisite.


As a jazz student, you are exposed to classic jazz, contemporary styles, and Broadway and Commercial styles. The jazz training focuses on fundamentals such as body part isolations, contractions, grounded-ness, musicality and individual style.  Students will develop rhythmic awareness, dynamic variety and individual expression while performing adagio and up tempo combinations. *Junior level and up jazz classes require ballet as a co-requisite. 


Students in tap are exposed to both Broadway and Rhythm Tap styles.  The tap syllabus focuses on body part isolations, grounded-ness, weight shifts, musicality, and individual style. Students will develop rhythmic awareness, dynamic variety and individual expression while performing set choreography and improvisational combinations.


The contemporary dance training is rooted in a foundation of classic modern dance techniques while incorporating contemporary methodologies and aesthetics.  Dancers receive diverse exposure to the past and present styles modern movement with an emphasis on increasing body awareness, fluidity of movement, shaping of the body and range of dynamic quality.  Classes include improvisation, floor work, and technical combinations. *All contemporary classes require ballet as a co-requisite.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop encompasses a wide range of street styles including breaking, locking and popping. Students learn the latest dance moves, styles, street grove, and razor sharp action choreography.   Hip-Hop is a fast-paced and energetic dance style that encourages individual style.

Musical Theatre

Students will learn the dance technique and acting needed for dancing in a musical. The class will focus on jazz dance fundamentals, basic tap skills, character work, and ensemble movement using classic and contemporary musical theatre songs.

Dance Conditioning

This class will incorporate cross-training exercises to enhance student strength and endurance for dance-specific movements.  Focus will also be placed on both dynamic and static stretches to improve flexibility. 

Acro Dance

This class focuses on acrobatic arts skills specific to dance that build strength and enhance choreography and performance skills. 


This class will focus on multiple styles of ballroom including rumba, foxtrot, tango, swing, and waltz. Students will learn the basic steps as well as extra movements to incorporate on the dance floor. This is a great class for couples or the dancer wanting to have fun while exercising and learning something new!

Intro to Dance 

This class will focus on multiple styles of dance with an emphasis on ballet. Students will learn the basic steps as well as extra movements to incorporate into their vocabulary. This is a great class for the young dancer wanting to begin their dance journey while having fun!  

Parent and Tot

This class is for tiny dancers ages 2-3 who are just starting in dance. Students along with their parent/guardian will move through dance fundamentals including ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. This is a great class for parents wanting to have fun with their little ones while dancing! 

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