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Encore Dance Company

Encore Dance Company is a competition team and performance group comprised of dancers ages 6-19 who train in ballet as well as other techniques. Participation requires creative and physical commitment, and serves as the training ground for a marketable future in the dance field or any other chosen profession. The goals of Encore Dance Company are to:         

       1. promote good sportsmanship

       2. encourage positive group interaction

       3. improve performance skills and dance technique

       4. gain self-confidence, and

       5. experience the joy of performing.

Company dancers are able to further their dance education while building lifelong friendships. The dancers perform regionally as well as participate in dance competitions in St. Louis, Memphis, and Nashville. 
Placement auditions for dancers interested in joining the Encore Dance Company take place in May and June each year. Students are chosen for the company based on their technical capability, maturity, collaboration skills, and performance quality.  


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Company Auditions

Sat. May 18


Sat. June 15

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